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Pre-Print Technology Limited was formed in 2002 by ex-Cobden Chadwick & PCMC design & process engineers. This followed the successful acquisition of all intellectual property relating to wide web printing presses from both Cobden Chadwick & PCMC.

PPT engineers have been involved in flexographic press design since 1979 providing Cobden Chadwick with a successful major core product in the 1980's and 1990's.

Since 2002, PPT has been supporting its pre-print customers, offering comprehensive service & support, a range of upgrades, new printing sections for integration with existing press lines and complete presses to satisfy the ever increasing demand for pre-print globally.

PPT is currently servicing / supporting approximately 70 presses / pre-print applications world-wide that operate with wide web Cobden Chadwick press designed originally by PPT engineers whilst in the employment of Cobden Chadwick.

Cobden Chadwick Servicing and Spares

Our main core business is offering service support to all Cobden Chadwick press users. These are listed as follows:

- Spare replacement parts (on Cobden Chadwick presses dating back to 1979 to the present date)
- Obsolete parts replacement programs
- Upgrades (ink deck positioning systems, efficient drying systems, closed loop temperature control systems, tool-less carbon fibre door blade systems, tension control systems, computerised ink wash down systems, new PLC systems, replacement main drive gearing etc)
- Press re-alignment programs
- Regular maintenance visits / preventative maintenance programs
- Site audits

In terms of products, we offer our customers a wide range of options but the products currently showing the most general interest relates to our geared & gear-less 8 colour C.I. presses.

PPT is now offering complete gear-less press lines or new gear-less C.I. sections for integration into existing presses. The latter is generating significant interest with those customers operating Cobden Chadwick presses as this replaces old obsolete equipment with modern state of the art gear-less technology, whilst at the same time keeping capital expenditure to a minimum.

PPT & Associates have developed a gearless C.I. section, which operates by means of linear motor technology, therefore eliminating the need for conventional ballscrews, timing belt transmissions, stepping motors and on press hydraulics.

The new true closed loop system we are offering eliminates all ink unit backlash and drastically reduces maintenance procedures. Each print unit operates on pressure settings as opposed to indexed movement. This means that print repeatability is exa as nothing can influence the position setting except the pressure set by the operators. This is truly a positive approach on a C.I. section. No other press manufacturer offers the 'true closed loop' ink deck positioning system working on pressure settings.

This innovative development is already operating successfully in a flexo production environment in the USA & Spain and PPT has reconfigured this unique technology to adapt to wide web pre-print presses. This we believe is the future for all pre-print presses.

We list the main press upgrades that PPT has undertaken / developed this past 12 months as follows:

1) Gearless C.I. sections for integration with existing Cobden Chadwick equipment or complete fully automated press lines offering closed loop or open loop technology.
2) Varnish registration systems using the latest Siemens technology offering accurate and reliable registration with the C.I. section at all times with minimal waste during set up.
3) Computerised automated wash-down systems (flow through or high pressure options available).
4) High quality tool-less carbon fibre chamber assemblies to complement item 3 above.
5) Higher efficiency infra-red drying systems.
6) Independent chill roller drive assemblies giving precise tension control irrespective of web widths or paper thickness used.
7) Independent auto-mesh system (for geared presses), which incorporates a dedicated motor (with clutch) for use when auto-meshing only. The motor disengages once the main press motor starts. This provides accurate & reliable gear meshing.

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss ways in which we can support your operation now and in the future.