Pre-Print Technology
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Chambered Reverse Angle Door Blade Inking System


Each print unit is fitted with a chambered reverse angle door blade inking system. The chamber is manufactured from hard anodised aluminium (other options available) for corrosion resistance. The chamber features a steel door blade, steel retaining blade and flexible end seals, which locate against the face of the anilox.

Each chamber incorporates micro-adjustment to compensate for blade wear; precision increment control allows the press operator to set the blades accurately to the anilox cylinder.

Manual quick release pivot shafts are utilised to assist the operator when pivoting the chamber to and from the anilox cylinder. All our chambers are mounted horizontally and exactly in-line with the centre line of the anilox cylinder on each unit irrespective of the deck angle. This feature ensures that both the blades in the chamber assembly wear at an even rate and that ink levels within the chambers remain constant preventing possible flooding or ink starvation. The design provides 90° rotation of the chamber assembly allowing it to lie facing up for blade change and for cleaning the chambers in situ.

Ink is transferred to and from the chamber by means of a double diaphragm (other options available) pumping system providing:

  • Reduced foaming
  • Minimal ink waste
  • Easy maintenance
  • No height / head restriction