Pre-Print Technology
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Drives and Control Equipment


The press is supplied complete with all necessary drives and accompanying control equipment. A pneumatic system is included. A Siemens S7 PLC (other options available) is supplied to control all press functions. Machine electrics are housed in cabinets adjacent to the press. Ink deck positioning systems available in open and closed loop.

Human Machine Interface System (HMI)

The press is provided with a Human Machine Interface System, the system consists of hardware and software, which provides complete control and monitoring of the press. This system comprises of a Siemens workstation(s) from which the operators run the machine.

Touch-screen workstations are located in front of the CI section. Press operation is performed at the operator workstation with touch-screen displays, this allows the operator to select and control machine functions similar to a traditional push-button panel. Funions are organised on several different screens, which the operator can display by touching screen icons. Monitoring of the screen status is also performed in the form of screen displays, job reporting and fault/message management. Files can also be retrieved from previous days, which contact in information to help troubleshoot machine problems.

In addition to the touch-screen workstations, pushbutton stations are located on the C.I. section to provide immediate access to process stop and emergency stop. Various other functions can also provided on this station.

To protect the press electrical components in high ambient temperatures the electrical cabinets are fitted with air conditioning systems.

Elerical Standards

All electrical equipment is designed and manufactured in accordance with European Standards.