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Anilox Cylinder
Central Impression Cylinder
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Print Cylinder
Print Unit Positioning System
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   General Specifications
Press configuration   1 + 8 + 2
Maximum print width:   2200 mm OR 2500 mm OR 2800 mm
Print roller gear pitch   10mm OR 3/8 CP
Anilox roll diameter   300mm
Tension isolation/ Chill assembly   350 mm diameter
Path roll diameter   150/200 mm
Minimum core diameter   100mm
Impression cylinder diameter:   3000 nominal
Printing repeat range:   700 to 2000 mm
Maximum unwind diameter:   1500 mm / 1800 mm
Maximum printing/drying speed
  300 mpm
   Key Performance Indicators on New Presses
Maximum Print Speed:
CI Colour to Colour Registration:
  ± 0.1mm
Auto-Meshing 8 Colour Units in:
  7 Minutes
Auto Washdown of 8 Colour Units in:
  27 Minutes

Robotic Change of 8 Print & Anilox Cylinders in:

  14 Minutes
Parallel Aivities of the Above Jobs in:
  36 Minutes
4 Colour to 4 Colour Changeover:
  6 Minutes
CI to Post Varnish Unit Registration:
  ± 1mm