Pre-Print Technology
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Print Unit Positioning


Stepping motors control the positioning of print and anilox cylinders. Two speed modes (rapid and slow) are featured for forward and backward movement along precision engineered rotating ballscrews, which are pre-loaded for zero backlash.

Each cylinder axis is driven independently, giving complete control for accurate positioning and reduced downtime. Final micro adjustments are made using a mobile handset with a flexible lead which allows the operator easy access to view print make-ready.

The following features are incorporated in the print unit positioning system to improve press efficiency:

Auto-centre: Automatic lateral and longitudinal datum positioning of print cylinders.
Auto-premesh: Automatic, simultaneous movement of selected print units to premesh deck position.

On process stop, print cylinders separate from the web and anilox cylinders separate from the print cylinders whilst remaining in mesh.

On restart all cylinders return to their original positions.

Auto-park: Automatic withdrawal of all or selected print units to cylinder change position.
Automesh: This feature is available as an option on all presses.


Longitudinal print register adjustments are made by movement of the helical gear on the print cylinder shaft. Lateral print register adjustments are made by movement of the print cylinder within the bearing housing. Adjustments are motorised and are actuated from the register console positioned at the final print unit for easy print viewing. All adjustments can be made at up to full press operating speed, so maximising press performance.