Pre-Print Technology
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It is Pre-Print Technology’s aim to provide customers with an efficient service in all aspects of its business activities.

We strive to submit quotations no matter how detailed within a 24 hour period

Spare Parts Supply
Thanks to our efficient support service, we are in a position to provide a ‘comprehensive parts’ supply service, even in emergency cases. Please click here to send an enquiry about spare parts.

Press Support
Our Network of Engineering Teams (in all disciplines) provides customer service and support on a worldwide basis. Our field engineers are available to discuss specific problems first hand in order for customers to re-commence production in an effective manner.

Training Programs
PPT wants to ensure that customers make full use of the capabilities of its equipment. Therefore we offer specific training on our equipment adapted to your needs. Our fully trained operatives are experienced specialists and will ensure the equipment is operating to optimum performance and efficiency. This is particularly important when training second and third shift crews as production output is increased.

Preventive Maintenance Programs
PPT is in a position to provide a detailed preventative maintenance program to suit customer’s specific needs. This practice ensures greater longevity of the press as regular service helps retain optimum performance.

For inquiries for our service support, please contact our service department.

Service Department:
TEL + 44 (0) 161 351 1919
FAX + 44 (0) 161 351 7373
Mobile: 0771 365 4408
Mobile: 0771 537 7351